Its Saturday and we have been to the lawyer and a funeral.  Now we are home relaxing.  Nothing but some writing and chilling on the horizon.


Sunday brought us more rain, church, and a nice french toast social at Saint Paul’s.

Monday, Monday.  Another day at the job.  It is about 20 to 7am, and I am getting ready for work.

I’m home from work and sad to report that I didn’t get all that much done.  There wasn’t much too do perhaps.  Or something.  It wasn’t bad for a Monday.


I think that I will go over to Beacon and play some disc golf.  It is 7:15am and I have a pretty open day ahead of me.

Mom and Dad are in a no internet zone in Italy.  I miss getting the daily updates from them.  Mom sure loves playing with her ipad.

I’m home from work for a minute and getting ready to go out to a democratic party meeting.  We have had some nice weather lately and it is getting harder and harder to make it through the work day.

I’m glad that I got out and golfed this morning.  I’m also glad that I didn’t bring Missy.  There were Beacon City workers at the course setting up for an Native American festival this weekend. 

Home now for the night.  The meeting was a long one and I visited with Juxy afterwords.


Today Deirdre goes to her interview.  I wish her luck.  

Today is Dad’s birthday!  I plan on giving them a call later today.

I was thinking of taking today off and cleaning the house and mowing the lawn.  It looks like rain later, but it is fair right now at 7:30am.
I decided to take a half day today.  I went golfing, and I just got done mowing the back yard.  Mowing lawns sure does take me back to my teen years.

The light on the side of the house is blinking.  I don’t know what it means, but I know it ain’t good.
Well the light is still flashing, but the basement isn’t flooded.  Best to keep an eye out.  Time to party.


I was able to turn the light off!  Well, Deirdre did it.  No matter, it is done.  Good Morning!  Deirdre and I are having coffee before I head out for the day.

I went to play golf, and have worked a half day so far.  I stopped home to eat lunch.  I’ve got lots of work to do before the end of the month.

Tomorrow is Charlies big day at school with Louise.  I hope that puppy behaves.


Cosmic Charlie goes to the school.  Waggin and panting on the Avenue.. Dum de dum de doodle doo.. Go on home your momma’s calling you.

Thank God it is Friday.
I’m home from work and feeling good.  Sure does look like rain.  Rain, rain, rain.


Today there is a Native American Fesitival at the Old Settlement Camp (where the golf course is in Beacon).  I may check it out even though it is rainy..


Sunday, Sunday..


Happy Memorial Day!  I just found the 5-17-13 letter, unmailed, in the car.  I will send it out with this one.  Sorry for the delay.




Today I need to get my 5-7-13 letter in the mail.  Like the Doo-da Man says, “Sometimes the cards ain’t worth a damn, if you don’t lay em down.”

Today I need to cash THE check, get bank statements photocopied and scanned, and do some laundry.  It never ends.

I’m not going to do laundry today.  Today Dee and I are going out to Warwick to play some golf.  Should be a good time.

We just got back from Warwick.  We took the dog along with us.  Good times, all in all.  We only played 7 holes today.  Tomorrow I am going back there and trying to complete a whole round.

I’m putting my words down in a blog.  I like to write as much as you like to read.  So lets get it done.

We are waiting for dinner – white pizza with spinach and broccoli.  Perhaps a ride to the new house later..

Tomorrow is the last day of my vacation.  I plan to live it up one more day.


I got up early to go play golf.  Deirdre slept in.  I left by 7 and could see that it looked like rain.  So off to Beacon I went; Warwick was much too far and I wanted to play some golf before the rain set in.

Nobody was at Beacon.  It was a fair rain when I got there, not even a true drizzle.  There was no rain but you could feel the mist in the air.

I took the dog with me.  She is not allowed at the Beacon Glades, but I pretend that she is a wookie instead of a dog.

We played six holes today.  By the middle of five the rain had started to come down enough to put a damper on the day.  My fingers kept slipping when I went to throw the disc.  On my approach on the fifth hole I shot really short and almost hit Missy.  I knew that it was time to hang it up for the day.  We played one more hole and then hit the road.

Tomorrow I return to work and Mom and Dad go to Italy.  Deirdre and I are watching the house, and we plan to use the time to do our laundry and clean up our apartment.  We really need to get some stuff done before we close on Bush Ave.
I just finished eating lunch and now I need to clean up around the flat.  I’m just going to throw out stuff and put laundry into different bags.

I’m not really in the mood to clean but it needs to be done desperately and no one else is gonna do it.

I didn’t clean up much, but I did get a bag of trash out.  Now I’m watching reruns.

We have radon in our new house!  The nightmare begins!

Today I ran into Matt P. and Jeff C.  They are both doing well.  All things are good with them.


Mom and Dad go to Italy and I return to work.  Lets do this!

Okay, I am officially off to work.  My vacation is over, house sitting begins.  We stay at my parent’s house when they go on vacation so that they don’t need to board Alfie, their dog.  I love to steam in their steam shower.  I also like to be able to catch up on laundry.  Laundry seems to be a big part of my life.

Sometimes I go to work early and do a load of laundry at the laundry mat that is across the field from my office.  Today is back to work day.  No laundry today or tomorrow.  I will do a couple of loads over the weekend.
A quick mid day post.  I hope your day is going well.  I’m on a slow adjustment period back into work.  Running work errands right now.  Deirdre is on her way to the airport with Mom and Dad.  All is right with the world.

Home from my first day back at work.  Things went well today.  On to Mom’s house for a refreshing steam.

I’m still down at the flat trying to pull documents together for my underwriter.  Things are rolling along slowly.

I’m tasked with getting the cat and the dog over to Mom’s.  The cat ain’t much of a traveler.  The dog will be fine.  Better get it done.


Thank God it is Friday.  Thats the way to do it- return to work on a Thursday so that you only need to work two days before the weekend.  We are up at the folks place and they are safe in Italy.  The cat really wants to go outside with the dogs.  He has no front claws.  He stays inside.

I got up real early today.  Perhaps it is the Abilify, but whatever it is gets me up in the morning.

Work was fine.  Im home now typing on the pc.  Feel that Friday vibe?  Love it.


Oh no!  Williams golf game is today and it is raining!  I hope it clears up so that we can play.  I am really looking forward to hanging out with my nephew.

Today I am making a dump run with Juxy and trying to get some cleaning done.  We want to do our laundry for free up at the house.  Im gonna try to make it happen.

I just checked out the weather.  It looks like clouds, not like rain.  But there is no denying that it is raining out right now.  I hope we can do it.

My friend in Las Vegas sent me a birthday package filled with all sorts of neat treats.  She got me a bunch of ethnic shaving products that I cant find around here (perhaps I am not ethnic enough).  She also sent me a kind nuggie.  You cant beat that.

We need to donate a lot of clothing to good will.  I already donated most of my shoe collection.  Deirdre has lots of big clothing that we need to get rid of.

I got a text from Juxy – he is ready for the dump run – or at least he is up.  Time to get a move on!

I’m back from the dump, breakfast with Juxy, and playing golf with Billy and William.  Now to collect some laundry and do some good work.

White clothing is always the starting point.  Start with the white stuff.  Then darks, light clothing is last.  I’ve actually started doing all my tee shirts together at one time.  I can’t afford to have them professionally laundered so I do them myself and I do them all at once.  Can’t stand doing shirts.  It reminds me of my retail days at London Fog.  So many years ago..


Happy Mothers Day!  We are up early and off to church and brunch with Nan.  Today I plan to do a little laundry and get ready for the work week.

We are now back from church and brunch.  Time to do something. It is 3pm and there is still time left in the day.  Lets get something done.


Monday, Monday.


Yesterday was a toughie – the first Monday that I was back to work.  Everything went smooth yesterday; I hope the rest of the week goes by as quickly.

I like the emails that my mom has been sending us.  It looks like a good time out in Italy.

Now I am waiting for my infusion.

All done with the infusion and groggy.  

We had a great dinner with fresh asparagus from Nan’s garden.  Homemade cookies for dessert.


I went to bed right after dinner.  It is now 1:30am and I got up from a long long nap.  I’m gonna check my email and try to get back to sleep.

Good morning!  Coffee time.  We have been trying to go vegan, but my coffee needs some milk.  We have tried substitutes like soy and coconut milk, but to no avail.  So now I use organic locally produced cow milk.  You will never get to be a vegan that way.


Today is the day to mail out this letter.  I will start up the 5-27-13 letter today as well.  

Yesterday I had a good time playing golf with William.  He was able to throw the disc pretty good all in all.  Man, that kid sure enjoys a good talk.

Enough!  Print it out and start over.  Enjoy.




I’ve been on vacation all week.  I’ve been gathering documents for the house, playing disc golf, napping, and watching reruns on TV.  I walk the dog.  I take her to the park in New Windsor by the river.  I take her when I play disc golf.

I tend to say Frisbee golf but type disc golf when discussing the sport.  I type disc, I say Frisbee  It is easier this way.  Dig?

Sometimes I play with Juxy.  He likes the sport.  It suits him.

Today I will play Warwick.  Yesterday it was Beacon.  I know there is another course at FDR, but I’d rather play Warwick.

Warwick Town Park is the best.  A great front nine.  Followed by a great back nine.  The first eight holes are in a small acre of trees.  The seventh hole is the lone exception; you tee off in the woods and shoot across a rolling field that ends at the parking lot.  All the other holes are in the woods.

Nine and Ten are in the field, like hole Seven.  It is sunny on the field most of the time and I play it fast and furious.  I get out of the sun quick.

Eleven and Twelve are in the back woods.  Eleven has a stream run through it.  You can get wet here.

Thirteen shoots back up the field.  Out of the woods and back into the sun.

Fourteen shoots back down the field toward the back woods.

Fifteen shoots along the back woods.  Fifteen is in the field, along the back woods.

Sixteen is short and sweet.  It is right near the parking lot in the field.  But this part of the field has some nice trees and you can catch a good shade most of the time.

Seventeen is the longest hole on the course.  It is in a field of its own.  There are no trees.  No shade.

Eighteen is a nice shady ending.  The hole is in the field, but very shady.  Very nice way to end the game.

Its 6:45am and I’m gonna head out there to play a little golf and walk the dog.  Early bird, early bird.


I’m back from playing golf.  I only shot seven holes.  I drove 88 miles total for seven holes.  At least the dog enjoyed the workout.

There is no easy way to get to Warwick.  I take I84 to Rt.17.  Rt17 to Rt. 17A.  Then a bunch of roads to the golf course.  It is 44 miles from Newburgh.

Today is Saturday and I am off from work until Thursday.  I don’t know what I should do with the day.  I’ve got to clean up the apartment, do laundry, visit with the kids.  All good stuff for sure.

Let me get back on track writing.  This letter marks the beginning of the Seven letter series.  I plan to write like this three times per month.  This letter will be mailed to my sister on May Seventh.  I will write her another one on the Seventeenth and Twenty Seventh of this and every month.  Let me get this writing thing back on track.  Beanie likes to read!  Gotta get her stuff in the mail.


Just got back from my Berkshires.  Love the City of Pittsfield, but didn’t get up there for this packed day trip.  Deirdre and I went to the Cranwell and lived large.  Beautiful accommodation, massage, spa, sauna.  It was a good ride up and down, with minimal crankiness from me and minimal drama from D-Lightful.  She bought me the new Sedaris book on my device.  I remember the device, but didn’t download the book before I left.  So I stopped to pee and wifi on I87 fine rest-way.  I did it and started reading the book later.

We ate in Lee, like we try to do once per trip, even on a day trip.

We had a great spa day.  Massage, sauna,and spa; I chilled and read while drinking natural lemon aid.  The lemon water was a large tank of lemon slices filled with ice and peppermint.  It was a nice little lemon drink.

Oh, I broke my phone.  The phone works but the screen is shattered, shattered.

Home now.  Simpsons. New. Great day!


I’m up on Monday before 5am.  No reason; got plenty of sleep.  Good sleep.  And with all things, early bird, early bird.  The sun isn’t up yet.  It is rare that I beat the sun up during the summer.  This reminds me of the cold winter nights.

Today I have to go to the bank again, and visit Mom and Dad for some more paperwork.  I plan to write and golf today.  I have off until Thursday.

Yesterday we had a good brunch in Lee.  Our running joke is that we have tried every place in the town, and that they all suck.  Each trip we give a new trap a try.  Each trip Lee disappoints.  But yesterday Lee held its own and we had good eats.


Monday is the day for banking, errands, and golf.  I would like to run down to Warwick but perhaps Beacon would be a better fit today.

David and Jen are going down to Florida today.  Sweet travels.

Now it is dinner time and we are having leftovers.  The money thing, we don’t have it.  Now the gift is down to 5% down instead of 10%.  We can still swing it, it can be swung.  But the $90000 is a huge number to wrap my head around.  I’m gonna go up and visit my parents and drop some paperwork off up there.

I just had ice cream with my dad.  We saw Sean Lahey getting ice cream.  We all enjoyed our treats.

Welcome! Nice to see you. Come on in!

This is where I will post my letters.  I hope everyone enjoys them.  I will drop my first letter to my sister in the mail on Tuesday May 7th.  I will also enclose a poem.  The poem I will post here along with an update on the letter.  

On Friday May 17th I will mail my sister the next Seven Series letter.  I will also post the May 7th Seven Series letter here.

I will be sending my sister three letters per month.  I will be posting them here a week later.

So there will be fresh content three times per month.  Here it is, The Seven Series.Image